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Driven by quality, Clark Testing provides mechanical testing and raw material analysis to some of the biggest original equipment and final product manufacturing companies in the world. Clark tests under ISO 17025 & ISO 9001 certifications from A2LA, LAB, and AIHA, providing services that support product certification, equipment validation, and product benchmarking.

Clark Testing’s mechanical test programs provide clients with a reliable resource for seismic testing, vibration testing, structural/load testing, fatigue testing, hydraulics and pneumatics testing, thermal testing, EMC/EMI testing, shock testing, dynamometer testing, and cyclical aging.

Clark’s raw material and analytical chemistry lab conducts testing for organic and inorganic materials, metals, and petrochemicals. The analytical chemistry laboratory services include organic analysis, elemental analysis, chemical composition, qualitative identification, and form and phase of iron. Our particle characterization program analyzes density, porosity, particle count, and surface area for a variety of materials and structures. While Clark Testing's fuel and lubricant testing services include condition monitoring of used oils samples along with lubricant and oil testing of new petrochemical products.

Clark’s comprehensive catalog of testing services provides a foundation for our commitment to product quality.

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