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Clark’s Analytical Chemistry Lab specializes in chemical analysis of raw materials including: ferrous and nonferrous metals, coal & coke, by-products such as steel additives, fluxes, ceramics, refractory, slag, lime, pellets, scrap, bag house dust, as well as other industrial materials for composition and/or contamination. Our Particle Characterization testing services include a variety of services such as particle size distribution, surface area, sieve analysis, porosimetry testing, and density testing.

  • Analytical Chemistry

    Clark's Analytical Chemistry Laboratory specializes in routine analysis and comprehensive investigative chemical testing for the steel and related industries. Equipped with advanced instrumentation, the Analytical Chemistry Lab ensures high-quality performance through analytical expertise, documented test procedures, and stringent quality assurance standards.
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  • Coal & Coke

    Clark Testing provides comprehensive and specialized coal and coke testing, consulting, training and inspection services for its clients in the coal and coke industry, whether metallurgical or steam producers.
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  • Failure Analysis

    Clark Testing provides Failure Analysis Services to determine the root cause of a product, component or system failure. We provide analysis of materials such as metals and polymers to assess strength, durability, production flaws and product quality.
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  • Industrial Hygiene

    Since our initial organization in 1986, the Clark Industrial Hygiene Laboratory has supported testing and quality assurance programs for both light and heavy industry, including aluminum and steel production and fabrication, petroleum refining, power generation, and consulting firms.
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  • Corrosion Testing

    The primary function of the NACE Lab is testing pipe to meet the API requirements for sour service pipe sold as oil country tubular goods (OCTG).
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  • Particle Characterization

    The addition of our Particle Characterization testing services has solidified the authority of Clark Testing's Analytical Chemistry Laboratory. Our capabilities have expanded to include a variety of services including particle size distribution analysis, surface area analysis, sieve analysis, porosimetry testing, mercury porosimetry testing, and density testing.
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Shock and Vibration Image

Shock & Vibration Testing

Between the expertise of our technicians and engineers and our advanced electronic monitoring systems and recorders, Clark’s shock and vibration testing laboratory can connect the dots from product development to production. Our capabilities stem from our wide array of hydraulic and electrodynamic shakers that truly test the limits of mounted products. We also utilize state of the art monitoring through National Instruments that allow us to detail up to 36 recorders per unit under test. See Clark for any of your shock and vibration needs.

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Shock & Vibration

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Clark Testing has been providing product qualification testing and design verification for manufactures for over 20 years. We provide our clients with independent testing.

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