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Seismic Testing

Clark Testing Seismic Testing Laboratory primary Seismic tri-axial shake table is comprised of a 10 x 10 hexagon plate operating on an independent tri-axial hydraulic system. Clark Testing Seismic table is capable of performing seismic testing of large packages up to 20,000 lbs (max total product weight including all fixtures) with ZPA of 1G. Higher ZPA's can be achieved with lower weight.

Clark Testing Seismic Testing Laboratory data acquisition systems feature state-of-the-art electronic monitoring systems and recorders through National Instruments (NTI – up to 26 monitoring per unit under test) to insure a detailed comprehensive seismic testing report. This meets IEEE 323, IEEE 344, IEEE 693, IBC-2009, and Bellcore specification.

The Seismic Testing Laboratory has seismic shake tables that are of different sizes to accommodate requirements varying from a high input acceleration levels of small equipment (control board components) to low input acceleration levels of large equipment (such as safety injection pump).

Our tri-axial shake table is designed to generate independent tri-axial motions (of different magnitude). The bi-axial table can generate dependent of bi-axial motions (or simulated tri-axial motions of equal magnitude in three orthogonal directions). The input in either case could be sinusoidal, multi-frequency, or sine beat to achieve required input motion or response spectrum. The tri-axial shake table could also develop uni-axial or bi-axial motions. Clark Testing Seismic Testing Laboratory also features separate single axis shake systems for both horizontal and vertical applications.

Equipment Qualification (EQ) & Commercial Dedication Service

Clark Testing Seismic Testing Laboratory provides Equipment Qualification (EQ) services for Class 1E installation for mild or harsh environments to IEEE 323 and IEEE 344. These systems include valves, actuators, batteries, gauges, motors, instrumentation panels and HVAC systems for all manufacturers. Clark Testing also provides engineering services to determine the best potential replacement from over 200 manufacturers of nuclear grade equipment. All programs are conducted in accordance with 10CFR50 App. B and 10CFR21.

Capabilities Offered:

  • Test Equipment

    • 10 ft. Diameter Independent Tri-Axial Shake Table
      • Bare Table Weight: About 5,400 lbs
      • Actuator: 3 - 38,000 lbs Force + / - 5 in Stroke
      • Servovalve: 600 gallons / min 50 ips Velocity
      • ZPA: Approximately 3g up to 10,000 lb test unit & 5g for lower weight
      • Peak Spectral Acceleration: 15g - 18g
    • 10 ft. Diameter Independent Bi-Axial Shake Table
      • Bare Table Weight: 1,000 lbs
      • Table Angle: 35 °
      • Actuator: 22,000 lbs Force + / - 12 in Stroke
      • Servovalve: 150 gallons / min 100 ips Velocity
      • ZPA: 10g - 12g depending upon weight of test unit
      • Peak Spectral Acceleration: 14g at 5% damping
    • RIM Table
      • Bare Table Weight: 400 lbs
      • Actuator: 55,000 lbs Force, Stroke normally utilized +5" (Maximum stroke available + 4.95")
      • Servovalve: 200 gallons / min
      • Peak Velocity: 70" / second
      • Maximum Acceleration: 8 g up to 4,000 lbs total weight on table
      • 20 Ton Overhead Crane with 30 ft Clearance Above Table
      • Proficient with California Building Code - IBC
      • Data Acquisition / Monitoring Systems
  • Other Capabilities

    The Clark Dynamic Calibration & Standards Laboratory repairs and calibrates measurement and test equipment (MT&E) and maintains direct traceability to NIST Standards.

    • Load Testing - #20,000
    • Gas Flow - 50 cu / ft / hr
    • Humidity
    • Accelerometers
    • Air Flow - 2,000 fpm
    • Water Flow - 3 gpm
    • Temp - RTD
    • Load Cells
    • Strain Gages

  • EQ & Commercial Dedication Services:

    • Thermal and radiation aging
    • Seismic testing
    • Accident (Loss of Coolant Accident (LOCA)) testing
    • Functional monitoring
    • Test procedure preparation
    • Modal analysis and testing
    • Fixture design and fabrication

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Clark Testing has been providing product qualification testing and design verification for manufactures for over 20 years. We provide our clients with independent testing.

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