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Structural Testing

Clark Testing Structural Testing Laboratory has been active in experimental stress analysis, strength testing and fatigue testing of structural components, beam fatigue and systems for over 20 years. Products tested range from small machine components to large off-highway vehicle frames. Our Structural Testing Laboratory is proud to continually maintain its certification to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accreditation, certificate number L2163. The Clark Testing Structural Testing Laboratory also specializes in ROPS/FOPS testing and Rotary Fatigue Testing.


The Clark Testing Structural Testing Laboratory provides ROPS, FOPS & TOPS testing services in accordance with SAE J/ISO 3471 to qualify structures and cabs typically installed on almost any type of operator driven or stationary machinery. These ROPS, FOPS, & TOPS tests insure the protection and safety of operators from a rollover (ROPS), tip over (TOPS) and a falling object (FOPS). Clark Testing has facilities and capabilities to perform destructive testing of large off-road equipment requiring extreme loads up to 1 million pounds.

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Rotary Fatigue

Our Rotary Fatigue Laboratory at Clark Testing can conduct beam and torsional fatigue testing of metals at high and low frequency. Our Rotary Fatigue Testing Laboratory can generate high cycle fatigue on components with large diameter and varied lengths including rotations from 30° to 90° rotation.

Repeated cyclic loading will cause fatigue and stresses first creating microscopic cracks that propagate to failure at the roots of the cracks to yield during cyclic aging. Shafts, rods, pipe, studs, and threaded connectors are especially prone to this failure mode.

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Services Offered Includes:

  • Testing Services

    • Structural, Frames, & Beam Fatigue Testing
    • Certification Testing & Standards Including
      • Fatigue, Performance, & Durability Testing
    • Ultimate Strength & Proof Load Testing
    • Tensile & Compression Testing
    • Dynamic & Static Brake Testing
    • ROPS / FOPS / TOPS Testing
    • Servo-hydraulic Actuator and Control System with linear & torsional capability
    • Complete Vehicle or Individual Component Testing
    • Seat, Seat Anchorage & Seat Belt Testing
    • Suspension, Hitches, & 5th Wheel Testing
    • Failure & Fatigue Analysis
    • Field Duty Cycle & Accelerated Lab Fatigue Testing
    • Experimental Stress Analysis
    • Strain Gaging, Stress Coat
    • Custom Testing Programs
    • High Speed Data Acquisition
    • Product Comparison & Benchmark Testing
    • Forensic & Litigation Testing
    • On-Vehicle Performance, Prototype Testing & Efficiency Studies.
    • Long Term Testing Capability
    Above testing can be combined with thermal cycling
  • Structures Test Equipment

    • 30' x 90' structures tie-down floor in excess of 1,000,000 lbs clamp capacity
    • Custom designed test capabilities with modular load frames, arches, mounting stands & configurable fixturing
    • Proof loads up to 1.5 million lbs
    • Portable bed plates for small component testing
    • Modular SoMat dynamic recording system
    • Digitally Controlled hydraulic fatigue testing systems
    • Rotary actuators with capacity to 400,000 in-lbs + / - 50 degree rotation
    • Linear actuators with capacity in excess of 1.2 million lbs
    • Pressure, flow, torque, speed, load, temperature, displacement, and acceleration transducers

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Clark Testing has been providing product qualification testing and design verification for manufactures for over 20 years. We provide our clients with independent testing.

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