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The EPA Tier III requirements for gasoline have opened a new opportunity for Clark Testing. We have been a bottling and distribution supplier for ASTM for many years. The ASTM Proficiency Test Program (PTP) receives donated product from ASTM members and distributes that material for a given test cycle. The PTP participants receive their test sample to run their tests and submit their results to ASTM for evaluation. The test data is summarized anonymously and reports distributed to the ASTM Participants and bulk product contributor. The ASTM summary report has always been a compelling reason for people to donate their products to the program.

Clark Testing has recognized a new opportunity based on the new testing requirements of the EPA Tier III. The new requirements have increased our clients needs for internal standards that were bottled as part of a round robin or proficiency test program.

Clark Testing now offers bottling services for internal QC standards. Products can be bottled independently or (for maximum benefit) in conjunction with an ASTM PTP test cycle. Products bottled independently still require the customer to supply the material and will be tested for homogeneity at Clark Testing. Products bottled in con junction with an ASTM PTP cycle will be scheduled with ASTM PTP. Clark will also supply a quote for the bottle choice and quantity you prefer. The material will be bottled with the ASTM test cycle in the container you select. The bottled product will be returned to you for your internal use. The statistical summery will be provided by ASTM PTP when it becomes available.

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Clark Testing has been providing product qualification testing and design verification for manufactures for over 20 years. We provide our clients with independent testing.

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