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Fuel & Lubrication Testing

The lab specializes in wear testing of products based on test rigs such as Four-Ball wear, Hydraulic Pump Wear, and FZG Gear. Clark Testing Fuels & Lubricants Laboratory is fully equipped to perform tests ranging from routine analyses to quality control. With over 20 years of analytical experience, coupled with a stringent quality assurance program, this lab is dedicated to serving client requests on time.

Clark Testing Fuels & Lubricants Laboratory tests distillates, including gasoline and diesel fuels, alternative fuels (biodiesel, ethanol), oil, lubricants, and grease products for physical properties and chemical compositions relative to ASTM specification.

The specialty services of this lab include diesel and gasoline specifications; alternate fuels (biodiesel, ethanol); aviation turbine fuels; fuel oils; motor oils; mineral; glycol, and synthetic lubricants; hydraulic fluids; crude oils and distillates.

In addition, the laboratory offers technical consulting services pertaining to product testing and is proficient in tests for quality assurance programs, purchase product specification comparisons and new product compatibility testing.


Clark Testing Fuels & Lubrication Laboratory serves Steel producers, raw materials suppliers, engineering and manufacturing companies, lubricant and additive manufactures, coal and coke producers and the refining industry.

  • Product Evaluation
  • Compatibility Assessment
  • Quality Assurance
  • Performance Measurement
  • Certificate of Analysis
  • Technical Support
Available Tests
  • API Gravity
  • Demulsibility
  • Dynamic Demulsibility (DDE)
  • Evaporation Loss
  • Flash Point
  • Heat of Combustion
  • Karl Fisher
  • Noack Volatility
  • Oxidation Stability
  • Sludging and Corrosion Tendencies
  • Thermal Stability
  • Viscosity
  • Cloud Point
  • Density
  • Elasometer Compatibility
  • Fire Point
  • Foam Test
  • Magnetic Quenchometer
  • Sulfur
  • Rust Preventing Characteristics
  • Misting Properties
  • Corrosiveness and Oxidation Stability of Highly Refined Oils
Wear & Extreme Pressure Properties
  • Falex - Falex Pin and V
  • Four Ball Wear
  • Hydraulic Pump Wear Test
  • Four Ball EP
  • FZG Gear Test
  • Timken EP
Fuel Testing
  • Cetane Index
  • Distillation
  • Vapor Pressure
  • Cold Filter Plug Point
  • Particulate Matter
  • Pour Point
  • Cloud Point
Oil & Grease Testing
  • Cone Penetration
  • Grease Compatibility
  • Grease Pumpability Lincoln Vent
  • Water Sprayoff
  • Dropping Point
  • Grease Mobility
  • Oil Separation
  • Roll Separation
  • Water Washout
  • Grease Oxidation
Coolant Corrosion Protection
  • ASTM D7820
  • ASTM D1384
  • ASTM D1120
  • ASTM D1121
Breaking News!
Clark Testing is now offering Coolant testing in the form of ASTM D7820 – Engine Coolant Corrosion Protection Under Accelerated Thermal and Oxidizing Conditions Using a Rotating Pressure Vessel.

This is an accelerated test method to assess engine coolant performance under high temperature oxidizing test conditions of new, used or recycled engine coolants. The test may also serve as a screening tool to determine the oxidation stability of the coolant in question.

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Clark Testing has been providing product qualification testing and design verification for manufactures for over 20 years. We provide our clients with independent testing.

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