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FZG Gear Testing

Clark Testing is an experienced Fuels and Lubrication laboratory providing ASTM test Methods for a wide range of industries. Our lab is operated under a rigorous ISO 17025 Quality Assurance Program which assures that testing meets our customer’s criteria for their application and industry specification.

Clark has been a leader in FZG Gear testing for over 24 years. The FZG Gear Test evaluates anti-wear characteristics and load carrying capacities of lubricants. The FZG gear test rig simulates a misaligned gear set operating in a bath of lubricant subjected to 12 increasing torque load stages. Tooth-wear is examined between stages for scuffing or scoring. The fluids performance is determined by the load stage at which excessive wear occurs. A high pass load stage indicates better resistance to scuffing.


  • ASTM D5182
  • ASTM D4998
  • DIN 51354
  • DIN 51354M
  • CEC L-07-A-95
  • S70
  • ISO / DIS 14635-3
  • ISO / DIS M 14635-3
  • ISO 14635
  • IP 334
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Clark Testing has been providing product qualification testing and design verification for manufactures for over 20 years. We provide our clients with independent testing.

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