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Heavy Off-Road Testing

Clark Testing brings years of experience in component testing and product validation for heavy equipment testing. Clark's Lab in Michigan includes one of the largest structural mass test floors in the US with a structural capability of 1.5 million pounds. In addition to its structures floor, we can custom design test programs with multiple hydraulic systems and strong backs. Hydraulic power supplies are combined with our large inventory of hydraulic cylinder with load capacities in excess of 2 million pounds.

In addition to our structural load capabilities, Clark has large shaker systems, dynamometers, thermal chambers and rotary fatigue test systems that are designed for large capacity and dimensions geared to the heavy equipment industry. We conduct our test programs under a stringent 17025 quality program utilizing the latest control and data acquisition instrumentation to ensure reliability and accuracy.

Analysis Offered Includes:

Standards: SAE, ASME, ANSI, FMVSS/CMVSS 207 & 210, MIL Std's
Capabilities: Load & Fatigue Performance Evaluation, Component & Frame Testing, 1.5 Million lbs Load Capacity, Linear Actuators with Capacity of 400,000 lbf

Standards: DOT, SAE, SAE J1374, SAE J1400, ASME, ISO, MIL Std's, EPA
Capabilities: Up to 2,000hp, Full Vehicle Component Testing, Ultra High Torque Testing, Dynamometers (Drive and Absorbing), Chassis Dynamometers, Inertia Simulation

Standards: SAE, ASME, ANSI, MIL Std's
Capabilities: High Pressure Impulse / Stroke Testing, Hydrostatic Load & Burst Testing, Pump Flow testing, Wide Range of Component Testing

Standards: MIL 810, ASTM, SAE, Custom Profiles
Capabilities: Humidity, High / Low Temperature Conditioning, Corrosion / Salt Fog

Standards: MIL 167, 810, 901D
Capabilities: 10 lb to 30,000 lb Capacity (Vibration), Multiple Shakers, 250 lb to 7,500 lb Capacity (Shock)

Standards: ASTM
Capabilities: Dynamic Demulsibility Endurance Testing (DDE), Viscosity Testing, FTIR, AE Spec, Karl Fischer, Particle Count

Capabilities: Project Management, Instrumentation & Sensors, Data Acquisition

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Clark Testing has been providing product qualification testing and design verification for manufactures for over 20 years. We provide our clients with independent testing.

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