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Rare Earth Elements

Rare Earth Elements (REE) are in fact not that rare. They are, however, found abundantly throughout the Earth’s crust – just generally in small quantities. They are a group of metallic elements that include the lanthanide group as well as scandium and yttrium. REE were labeled rare during the late 18th and early 19th centuries when they were separated out of rarer minerals and discarded. In the last few decades REE have seen a significant increase in value, now becoming essential to people’s everyday lives. REE are found in small quantities in many electronic devices, but are often essential to their function, especially as devices have grown smaller, these elements are used to minimize the space needed for computing functions. Rare Earth Elements can also be found in emerging green technologies, often being used in photovoltaic cells of solar panels and energy efficiency technologies to reduce energy demand.

Rare Earth Elements at Clark Testing

Clark’s analytical chemistry lab has conducted testing on numerous rare earth elements. As REE testing has grown with the need to recycle computer components, Clark has expanded its ability to perform analysis on these materials. Tests that we have performed on these include fluid catalyst cracking on our ICP-OES machines and bulk density testing in our particle characterization lab. We also regularly perform X-ray fluorescence on a variety of materials. Please contact us about further inquiries into or questions regarding Rare Earth Element Testing at Clark.

Testing Services Offered

Rare Earth Elements serve as an intersection of many of the industries that Clark proudly serves. We offer a variety of services to the mining and heavy off-highway industries as well as testing equipment and components used at mining sites. Clark has also provided testing to medical equipment and information technology companies. We also serve as a vendor to many defense contractors and renewable energy companies. Clark is a trusted name within all of these industries that rely upon rare earth elements to make safer, smaller, more effective equipment, because we prioritize safety and quality, and we look forward to serving your rare earth element testing needs.

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