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Steel / Metals Metallurgical Testing

Clark specializes in routine chemical analysis and comprehensive investigative chemical testing for the steel and related industries. Clark’s analytical chemistry lab ensures high quality performance through expertise, documented test procedures, and stringent quality assurance standards.

All chemical analyses performed under our ISO/IEC Guide 17025 standards and in accordance with ASTM, API or other approved applicable methods. Additionally, we have experience utilizing chemical techniques to develop new methods. Clark’s analytical chemistry lab ensures our client’s materials are meeting all required specifications. We help identify and assess characteristics, properties and flaws of the materials and metal parts.

Clark routinely analyzes ferrous and nonferrous metals, metallic and organic coatings, process solutions, petroleum products, and surface cleanliness of steel. Other capabilities include analysis of raw materials and by-products such as steel additives, fluxes, ceramics, refractory, slag, lime, pellets, scrap, bag house dust, coal and coke, as well as other industrial materials for composition and/or contamination.

Our commitment to keep up with technology in metallurgical testing for the Primary Metals industries has lead our company towards more comprehensive testing services which enable us to meet specific application needs. Clark Testing has provided such testing services to steel, aluminum manufactures, and end users, globally.

Analysis Offered Includes:

Capabilities: Organic, Inorganic, Wet Chemistry, FTIR, ICP, OE, XRF, XRD

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Clark Testing has been providing product qualification testing and design verification for manufactures for over 20 years. We provide our clients with independent testing.

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