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Trucking Industry Testing

Clark Testing has a long history of both component and full vehicle validation and testing services for truck and trailer manufactures. Our staff has many years of experience in stress analysis, strength and fatigue testing of structural components, beam fatigue and systems. Our laboratory is proud to continually maintain its certification to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accreditation, certificate number L2163. The Clark Testing Structural Testing Laboratory aslo specializes in ROPS/FOPS testing, dynamometer testing, and rotart fatigue testing.

Certification and Standards

  • SAE
  • ASME
  • ANSI
  • ISO
  • MIL-STDs

Clark Testing provides cab safety certification with our ROPS, FOPS, and TOPS testing services in accordance with SAE J/ISO 3471. We qualify structures and cabs typically installed on almost any type of operator driven or stationary machinery. These ROPS, FOPS, and TOPS tests insure the protection and safety of operators from a rollover (ROPS), tip over (TOPS), and a falling object (FOPS). Clark Testing as facilities and capabilities to perform destructive testing of large off highway equipment requiring extreme loads in excess of 1 million pounds.


  • Bumper Strength
  • Front and Rear Suspension
  • Brakes
  • Drive Line
  • Transmissions
  • Transfer Cases
  • Durability Testing
  • Differential
  • Effciency Measurement
  • Torque Bias
  • Field Services
  • Pull Testing
  • Fifth Wheel Testing
  • Fluid Analysis
  • Torsional Testing
  • Dynamic Aging
  • Gear Fatigue and Durability
  • Axle Shafts
  • Torsion Bars
  • Power Take Off Units
  • Hydraulic Components
  • Condition Monitoring

Testing Services Offered

Noise and Vibration

Structral Integrity and Fatigue, ROPS / FOPS

Dynamic Behavior

Rotating Elements

Electro Magnetic Compantibility

Grease Analysis

Clark Highlights

Accelerated Aging Image

Accelerated Aging

Clark’s accelerated aging and corrosion lab prepares products for the marketplace by subjecting them to harsh environmental conditions. Our NACE lab induces corrosion with hydrogen to accelerate the aging of metals. Clark’s salt spray chambers accommodate components being tested under MIL Standard 810. Clark has thermal chambers that simulate extremely hot, freezing and humid environments with thermal shock capabilities. Our HALT chambers provide mechanical testing while replicating environmental volatility.

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Clark Testing has been providing product qualification testing and design verification for manufactures for over 20 years. We provide our clients with independent testing.

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