Railcar HVAC System Set Testing - Clark Testing

Railcar HVAC System Set Testing

Clark has a long history of mechanical testing on HVAC equipment for the rail industry. Clark’s mechanical lab has fixturing for testing either roof mounted or under car HVAC systems.

The electrodynamic shake tables at Clark’s rail car testing laboratory can accommodate large HVAC components with both vertical and horizontal vibration capabilities.

Clark’s mechanical lab is able to conduct testing in accordance with MIL, EN, IEC and ISO Standards. With a full complement of qualification services, we are able to simulate environmental conditions with vibration, shock, shock pulse, thermal/climactics, EMC/EMI and electrical testing services.

Clark’s ISO 17025-2017 accreditation ensures our customer’s qualification test programs meet the industry MIL/IEC testing standards along with customer specifications. With in-house mechanical welding & machining capabilities we can custom design and fabricate fixturing to meet our customer’s needs.

Let Clark put its 40 years of experience of testing and qualification for frail car equipment qualification testing to work for you.