Railcar Truck Frame, Bolster & Bogie Testing - Clark Testing

Railcar Truck Frame, Bolster & Bogie Testing

Clark’s structural lab conducts structural load & fatigue testing on truck frames, bogeys & bolster systems for the railcar industry. Rail car truck frame testing requires a complex set up including fixturing, hydraulic load application and instrumentation for control, data acquisition and stress monitoring.

Clark is able to apply multiple loads in various configurations to simulate the dynamic reaction of the truck frame traveling on the track. We applied multiple dynamics loads with hydraulic cylinders applying variable stresses on segments of the truck frame and bolster.

Clark’s instrumentation engineers set up data acquisition channels measuring strain/load, displacement, stress and strain while collecting multiple channels of data. We use National Instruments, MTS & Somat for control and data acquisition. All instrumentation is calibrated in accordance with Clark’s 17025-2017 Quality Program

We also conduct Mag particle and dye penetrant analysis to assess crack propagation due to the effects of load testing the truck frame, bolster & bogey.

The structural lab at Clark Testing includes modular load frames and a 30’ X 90’ structures floor with mechanical tie-down clamps on a 48” centerline grid pattern for 1.5 million lb. static and dynamic load capacity.