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Clark Testing Announces the Startup of the New Propulsion Simulator and Motor Test Lab

The Clark Dynamics Test Laboratory is pleased to announce the recent acquisition and commissioning of our new Propulsion Dynamics Laboratory (PDL) located in Pittsburgh, PA. The PDL is uniquely capable of conducting integrated testing of components and systems for mobile applications. The state-of-the-art laboratory provides product qualification, system validation and durability testing on mobile systems including on-road, heavy off-road and rail equipment in a laboratory setting.

The lab integrates solid-state drives, load motors, data collection and control instrumentation combined with a 70’ harness system to simulate the installation and configuration of an integrated propulsion and control system. Clark’s PSL test system is able to create a profile that integrates propulsion, braking, torque, stop/start, resistance and hold. With the test profile, the lab can also simulate temperature rise, audible noise, locked braking, core loss, friction and windage conducting a prequalification of the mobile system.

Test capabilities include direct drive motors up to 1,000 HP, either loaded or unloaded generating environmental conditions prior to field evaluation. The lab has a multitude of motor drive systems that can provide load resistance testing on a variety of propulsion systems. In addition to propulsion systems, the lab tests AC – DC motors, gear boxes and traction motors.

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