MIL-STD-810 Terms - Clark Testing

MIL-STD-810 Terms

Below is a list of MIL-STD-810 Terms.

Standard Description
Accelerated TestA test designed to shorten the controlled environmental test time with respect to the service use time by increasing the frequency of occurrence, amplitude, duration, or any combination of these of environmental stresses that would be expected to occur during service use.
Aggravated TestA test in which one or more conditions are set at a more stressful level than the materiel will encounter during service use.
Ambient EnvironmentThe conditions, either outdoor or confined (e.g., temperature and humidity), that characterize the air or other medium that surrounds materiel."
Climatic CategoriesSpecific types of world climates which materiel is designed to withstand during operation, storage, and transit
Critical Threshold ValueThe level of an environment forcing function that degrades the capability of materiel significantly or requires degradation prevention measures be taken.
Cumulative effectsThe collective consequences of environmental stresses during the life cycle of materiel.
Environmental AnalysisTechnical activity covering an analytical description of the effects that various environments have on materiel, subsystems, and component effectiveness
Environmental TestA structured procedure to help determine the effects of natural or induced environments on materiel. Environmental worthinessThe capability of materiel, subsystem, or component to perform its full array of intended functions in intended environments.,
Forcing Function (Environment)A natural or induced physical environmental stress condition on materiel that may affect its ability to function as intended or to withstand transit or storage during its service life.
Hermetic SealA permanent, air-tight seal.
Induced EnvironmentAn environmental condition that is predominantly man-made or generated by themateriel platform. Also, refers to any condition internal to materiel that results from the combination of natural environmental forcing functions and the physical/chemical characteristics of the materiel itself.
Life Cycle ProfileA time history of events and conditions associated with materiel from its release from manufacturing to its removal from service, including demilitarization. The life cycle should include the various phases materiel will encounter in its life, such as: packaging, handling, shipping, and storage prior to use
Service lifePeriod of time from the release of materiel from the manufacturer through retirement and final disposition.
TailoringThe process of choosing design characteristics/tolerances and test environments, methods, procedures, sequences and conditions, and altering critical design and test values, conditions of failure, etc., to take into account the effects of the particular environmental forcing functions to which materiel normally would be subjected during its life cycle. The tailoring process also includes preparing or reviewing engineering task, planning, test, and evaluation documents to help ensure realistic weather, climate, and other physical environmental conditions are given proper consideration throughout the acquisition cycle.
Test PlanA document that may include test procedures and test levels, failure criteria, test schedules, and operational and storage requirements
Test ProcedureA sequence of actions that prescribes the exposure of a test item to a particular environmental forcing function or combination of environmental forcing functions, as well as inspections, possible operational checks, etc.

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